LMS Awards - Fat No From Me

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As per usual.

Ill put my spin on new update.

I dont personally care about LMS like i know alot of people dont, apart from the sparc fanboys and a few others.

With the new udate, it obviously needed to make it more fun i get that and am happy it has that update as it dont effect me.

The rewards added are also fine as dont effect me... Then we go to the rewards they want to poll???

wtf. PVMers Skillers - nows your time to say nope... Why should we have to pvp to get rewards. As we have said many times we dont care about pkers do your thing just leave us alone.

I think with any pvp situation, where a pker will have more chance to win or make more money than pvm should just get a knock on head from your main boss before you waste time.

Them rewards are great but not for LMS.

So my post is dont vote yes to rewards just because they look good. ARe you actually going to be able to get them???

-Vote no to all-

29-Aug-2019 16:31:14

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no support, the gp/hour is garabge even if you manage win every game.
If you dont like it, dont go there
Dont make easily botted activities such as skilling profitable

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29-Aug-2019 19:15:35



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I don't agree with any LMS awards that actually impact gameplay.

Because LMS is removed from your actual account. None of your skills matter. A fresh account has the same potential as a maxed account. So why should rewards for a minigame that has nothing to do with your account... give rewards for your account?

It'd be the same logic as offering these rewards for the games room. Should we be able to upgrade our abyssal whip by playing checkers?
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30-Aug-2019 20:32:47

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High Stakes LMS requires gp to enter. That means it involves actual gameplay since the gp entry fee and payout are directly impacting actual gameplay.

Perhaps the rewards of High Stakes LMS should be something good, like some high end untradeable gear. For now, it is a gp sink. It is not even a zero-sum game. One reason why "so many players" enjoy it. :P

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I would like to add another point of criticism to this threat.
Since LMS is clearly a minigame specifically for PVPers it is unfair to give so many new rewards
to ppl who are already good in PVP.

Especially with the current poll; Way too many reward are obtainable via one minigame.
At least most of the rewards should become tradeable or way more accessibel for players that are not good or interested in PVP.

Above all, the halos should also be made available in the castle wars store!!

Some rewards should not be added LMS but to another minigame or just as a monster drop in the wildy.

Please don't make all new rewards LMS only and consider other options of bringing them to the game.

09-Sep-2019 11:57:47

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Sorry but this thread is the most ridiculous thing I´ve ever heard.

In the past few month there were enough updates only for pvmers/skillers.
First update a long time ago for pvp and people are complaining "uhhh I need to do pvp to obtain this.."


09-Sep-2019 14:28:45

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I'm not against updates for PvP. I don't think there's many people who are. I just feel like there are too many strong/important upgrades that would be locked away behind a minigame that I, and many others don't really care for. Many of us who voted no on some or all of the polled changes, would reconsider their vote if the items were tradeable or obtainable by other means.

09-Sep-2019 15:48:07

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im so glad you lot bumped this!!!

i was about to make another

I repeat do not let this shit pass. WTF are jagex thinking??? pvp minigame to make main game items better.

Sort out your shit bosses that you already have. Stop tryna make us pvp

Im seriously worried with the devs direction in this game and pvp force. Bad enough every update is pvp now you tryna add main game items. You lot gave up on pking so you gonna make items better from a minigame than actual pking. Do you not have meetings and speak about this stuff or are you actually all secret pkers? now you have all maxed etc. Actual joke

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