2 Ideas For F2P

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Hello everyone, sorry for the inconvenience of the translator:

1 Idea Relive Castle wars in F2P:

How to do it?simply improving the lobby with some useful items that can be sold or used, the game itself is a beast,it would be nice if people came back to this game in the f2p worlds.

2 Idea Ice Gigant Boos:

A new boos to complete the trio of f2p giants, it could be called Karstaag in honor of skyrim.
What would you like about your drop reward?

12-Oct-2019 08:16:54

tw zombas
Jul Member 2019

tw zombas

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I have never experienced what its like for castle wars on free to play worlds but even on the member worlds the player counts can be quite depressing for one of the best minigames in the game.

Definitely agree with the 2nd idea they already have half of em done might as well finish the set, with the fire giants getting one as well as ice.

12-Oct-2019 19:30:47

Dn Isilith
Aug Member 2019

Dn Isilith

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They need to make it a bannable offense to pk with mutliple accounts on f2p. Litterally this one guy is bringing 8 ragger accounts at my level and 12 for one of my alts he somehow guessed I had.

Luckily I have lower levels he doesn't know about, but that is ridiculous this one guy can bring 20 accounts to just grief people with.

13-Oct-2019 02:17:41

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