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I believe you should make a system whereas people need to connect all of their accounts to either a phone number, card or generally something for identification of ownership.

This should happen at the moment of creating an account. - maybe mash the forums in a way where you could easily look through your accounts as well, so you dont have to login to each and every one of them seperately, because let's be honest, most people have a lot of accounts spread over Rs3, Osrs and game modes.

In the event of a punishment. All accounts connected to said card, number etc- should be temporarilly locked until it has been resolved.

Let's say you get hacked, someone bots on your account and all your accounts get's locked-

-This would give incentive to check the average IP address used on all the accounts connected, and simply see that the hacker was intrusive. (If you got more than one account, it should be simple enough to notice something is wrong with the log.

I believe we should get in front of the issue by making sure we are a step ahead of the bots. - We don't need to react to them being made, we can prevent it from happening.


- Prevents people from joining in quickly simply for making a ton of accounts to farm on.
- Will have some good impact on the economy.
- Will save the people having to deal with bots, a lot of trouble, time and effort.
- Give a better note of how many players are actually playing the game at said time.

This may take some tweaking, and some work to get done- however I think the majority of real runescape players would agree this is needed. I would like for people to build on this idea, add what you feel can make this work.

People spend an enourmous amount of time in this game, more than 100s of hours. It is well worth it to go through one extra security step to bring the game back to it's former glory.


29-Jul-2019 19:07:04

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One Dub said:
No support, simply because extra hurdles for new players means less new players. Jagex just needs to try harder or throw some more $ at the problem. Shame they won't

It doesn’t have to be a hurdle, with mobile now available- (which is bringing in more players as it is) we can make this mechanic completaly fluent with the active phone/ tablet for example. I think this really is something to build on! Have an open mind. :)

29-Jul-2019 22:57:56



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Actually, I think this could be a really good idea because as well as dealing with bot and throw-away accounts, it has the potential to help clean up forums.

It might be a rather large task though, considering the problems it would address are pretty big currently.

A potential way to begin the process could be jagex having all users link their existing accounts first.. and any account one has that they were not willing to link during this process would simply be deleted if jagex found out you were the owner of additional accounts that you didn't list.

And, realistically, there should be a maximum number of accounts per individual that is allowed.

I'd want to see any punishments given to one account a person has, applied to all accounts the person has.. so for example if one is banned from forums, they'd all be banned from forums.

Yes, I think you have the beginning of a very good idea!
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30-Jul-2019 18:10:58



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Moustafa said:
i would support this, but this is easily avoidable by most botters they could get around it.

Please add on to your point, how is this easily avoided by bots?

As the current system stands, you can create an email in less than two minutes- then bam!
, you have an account ready to connect to Runescape.

With this step, that won't be possible, atleast not for
bots. They would have to use a different card / payment method for EACH bot they are using- which would be a really big hassle for them. I believe this can drastically change the amount of bots on the platform, and risking botting on one account and gettimg them all banned is not something people will want to gamble. (The rest of the bots would most likely be
, or easy to spot out by the anti-cheating specialists.) :)

31-Jul-2019 17:39:10

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