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Solo Bobs

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The Elder Maul should have the Chaotic Maul's stats when used inside a PvP zone. Unlike the Dinh's Bulwark, it's a very high-end weapon on the megarares Raids I drop tables. It's a complete joke how this weapon can't hit through the Dinh's Bulwark when being piled by like five people.

Alternatively, we could quintuple (5x) its strength and accuracy bonuses for 2-3 years to compensate and make it up to PKers for the years they had to suffer the non-PKers' spite voters. Regardless of which solution is decided for this integrity issue, the stats should stay the same in PvM and other non-PvP scenarios in order to prevent power creep.
Don't spite vote all PvP updates because of how frightened you are of PKers and then cry about how everything needs to be shoved in as integrity

11-Jul-2019 19:30:32

the bot dib

the bot dib

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Jeremy Cheng said:
Lock this behind diary cape to encourage pkers to try out pvm/skilling in order to pk more efficiently with elder maul.

No, quit trying to force PKers to do content they don't wanna do.
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13-Jul-2019 21:36:59

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