Green Dragons in Corsair Cove

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Skip task or dont look like a huge target when killing them. Just bring bot gear (dragon sword, granite body, rune legs and addy helm OR a rune crossbow and black dhide, and go to east dragons, very few pkers there.

Edit: Just looked you up, you are around 100cb. You should be completely fine at green dragons (the lvl 12-14 ones to the west), I have been there on my main to scout for people and I can literally be there semi afk for like 1 hour in black dhide and an rcb just occationly killing some dragons to not look suspicious, without being attacked. It might be more high lvl pkers there in total level worlds if you are doing it there. But if you are there on a normal world, unless you look like you are risking bank you should be totally fine.
Dont make easily botted activities such as skilling profitable

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