Patch Notes - 19/08

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GG Jagex
Fixing typos, ignoring actual bugs and making even more bugs.

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You have by mistake removed reprisal ability. Hope to get this fixed asap
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19-Aug-2019 15:46:42

Dark Mist
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Heard u broke a few things
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19-Aug-2019 17:07:51

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Not Shoartie

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Sounds good, thank you! If I may make a request, you should allow me to enable bloom and volumetric lighting on my under powered graphics card if I wish to do so.

I realize it would result in heat, possible crashing, graphical anomalies etc... but it should be my choice, not completely blacked out to the point where I don't even have a choice.

Playing without bloom as a mage is nearly torturous**;)****;3
Love you <3

19-Aug-2019 17:47:03

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