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A  Cole
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A  Cole

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Hey peeps.

Are any of you still around? What with all the name changing and such that people can do nowadays it's been hard to track who-is-who.

If you're about give us a shout. I'm about most of the time :)

And don't forget the 2 spaces!


14-Apr-2017 16:16:54

Chris W

Chris W

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Delighted to see this is still about. I was both Cup Cake 04 (forum mod) and Gaze of Fate. I recall so many of these names from back in the day and my Ectofuntus thread that I presume is still as redundant as ever for game content! My timezone was GMT.

I miss my boys Gerf2 and Bobbington. Trevlascnow also gifted me a robin hood hat after I got scammed years back now - top guy. Uncl T, A Cole, and Uncledot as well are names I still remember.

Signing back out probably for a long time again (it was 1215 days in between the last logout and now) - just wanted to pop by and say hello to those who still frequent :)
Again, nether.

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