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Jul Member 2019


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Hello and Welcome to the
Insurgents Event Forum
! I am looking for other active clans to possibly set up events with my clan. We are
and we are based in
. We currently have a clan size of 462 and would like to set up some events with other active clans to make our own little clan/event community!

We are looking to set up these events and possibly more:
Castle Wars

Soul Wars

Clan Wars

Stealing Creation

Pest Control

We would love to have more people and clans to socialize and do events with! We are very active throughout the day! It would be wonderful to see not only members of my clan, but members of Runescape get together and have some fun! For any questions or inquiries, feel free to shoot me a message or leave a post below! Thank you for reading this, we hope to hear from you and your clans!!

08-Aug-2019 01:13:20

Sep Member 2019


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Hi, I'm leader of the "Vanguardia" clan (Latin clan), I'm interested in what you say, of creating a community for events. I know that today it is difficult to find people motivated in these aspects of the game, but any initiative like that has my support and that of my clan, I would also like my clan to be more motivated in activities of this kind.
I don't confirm you now to make an event soon, but I would like you to consider us as a clan.
I wish you the best for your clan and your idea, many greetings!;)

note: sorry for my english XD

10-Aug-2019 00:10:17

Jul Member 2019


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Feel free to add me and send me a message or just let me know what you would like to do! I am constantly organizing events and I have quit a bit planned out for the entire Month of August. I would love to add more events with your clan as well if I could!

12-Aug-2019 01:30:45

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