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; Friends chat - An economy-related community for Treasure Hunter, Low Volume Items, Discontinued Rares, and Dyes. Free chat, trading, price checking, and speculation is allowed.

13-Jun-2019 22:08:33

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Please make sure that you are not bumping excessively.

This forum is to house a clan's or FC's discussion or planning thread, for things like listing rules, planning events, recording event attendance, etc., that they might not wish to have on their recruitment thread or the private clan forums attached to their RS Clan Page. This forum is not used for recruiting or applications. Unlike a recruitment or marketplace forum, the threads in this forum are not used to advertise and therefore should not need to jockey for position on Page 1. Threads here are usually found through links in the clan's or FC's recruitment thread.

It is considered excessive to bump a thread that is already on Page 1 of a forum. A thread in this forum can remain 'unbumped' for almost a month and still be on Page 1, and really only needs to be bumped to keep it out of danger from falling off the end of forum, which in this forum takes around 4 years. If there are not enough actual discussion or planning posts to keep a thread active, then perhaps the clan or FC should consider if they even need a thread in this forum.

As in any forum, it is preferred that a thread author use the bump button to bump their thread, rather than make a bump post, as that makes it much easier to find the actual content without having to weed through pages of bump posts.


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14-Jun-2019 16:38:22

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I'll tell my fc to try to limit it thanks for the heads up Join "
" fc for the RSOF Item Discussion Threads.

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