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Welcome to skilling clan "MgSkillers"
Mgskillers was founded in September of 2009 by Hadsox and his better half Ruby Sunsets. We were once part of Runescape's most successful clan "Mining Golds" Some of us after reaching our goals of 99 mining wanted to move on but yet had become very close friends so we decided to form a small skilling clan to keep the family together and keep the Mg name alive. Hadsox and Ruby built this clan from the ground up and put everything they had into it. As of December of 2015, they decided it was time to step down as owners and then turned ownership over to myself. Although we did not agree with this and nobody wanted to see them go, we respected their decisions and accepted it for what it was. They will always be welcome in if they want to come home and will remain in our hearts forever. In remembrance of Sox and Ruby, the clan values that they established will remain the same.
~Open skilling clan
~No requirements to join
~Drama free environment
~Place to skill, socialize, make friends and have fun
~Capping is always voluntary and not mandatory
~Respect each other and treat others as you would like to be treated
~Everyone is welcome to skill and chill with us including guests
Last but not least as Hadsox used to say, "Feel free to pop in, take your shoes off and have a look around. Door is always open!"

Click to be taken to our recruitment thread or type in QFC 288-289-402-65896874

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1.3-Clan Rules
1.4-Rank Rules
1.5-Rank Information(what your rank means)
1.6-Clan discord Link



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CLAN RULES (this applies to everyone, ranks and guests)

1 .: Jagex rules apply
2 .: Respect other clan members
3 .: Occasional swearing is OK as long as its not directed towards anyone and not said in a harmful, hurtful manner. We all have our moments and need to release stress from time to time.
4 .: No racism or bullying will be tolerated EVER and will result in
....: an instant kick,without a warning
5 .: No spamming
6 .: English only in the cc
7 .: No offensive usernames
8 .: Do not try to avoid the chat filter. The filter is there for a reason and you will be warned if you break this rule. This also applies to rule #1...All Jagex rules apply.
9 .: Don't ask for promotion
10 .: Any conflicts are to be taken out of the cc
11 .: Avoid controversial issues such as drugs,politics,religion
12 .: Don't beg
13 .: Don't write on the walls

We are an open cc,but open does NOT mean desperate.We don't babysit

These rules are simple,not unreasonable and basic common sense.Breaking of any of these rules could lead to your removal from the cc.Repeated rule breaking could result in permanent ban

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RANK RULES (this applies to ranks only)

1 .: If a player causes mild problems you will need to warn them before you kick
2 .: When players return after being kicked they get another chance
....: (no kicking unless they break more rules)
3 .: No kicking for personal reasons,this will put your rank at risk
4 .: If you mistakenly kicked a player contact the player and apologise.
5 .: If you abuse the kick system you will lose your rank
6 .: Check the forums regularly
7 .: Your rank is proof you are dedicated and trusted,but it will be
....: expected to be ongoingly earn*
8 .: As a rank you are expected to keep the cc a friendly safe environment,
....: to deal with situations accordingly and diffuse any arguments
....: that may occur by asking for the situation to be moved
....: to pm or a fc

You will not be deranked for inactivity. Too many times a player has returned from a long break to find out he or she has been deranked and ends up quitting because of it. Your rank has been fairly earned and is yours to keep from here on out.

Mgskillers has always been an open cc which means if folks just want to long term guest in cc and not officially join as a member of the clan, that's their choice. All are welcome to come skill and chill with us. This includes anybody that belongs to another clan as well. Under no circumstances will anyone be kicked for long term guesting and if they are, you will be kicked from the clan no matter what your rank is. This falls under the "No bullying" rule

If i hear of any bullying or abuse of the kick system, i will personally kick you and add you to the ban list with no questions asked.

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---What your rank means

~Recruit(1 banana)
Welcome into the MGS family, you have just joined an awesome clan and will have this rank for your first full week in the clan.

~Corporal(2 bananas)
You have just entered into your 2nd week in the clan. You are getting to know everyone in clan and hopefully making new friends.

~Sergent(3 bananas)
Your now into your 3rd week in the clan, you will be expected to read the clan rules and rank rules if you already haven't and make a post on the clan thread that you have done so.
(this is important before your next rank up)

Congratulations! You have now been in the clan for 4 weeks, you have read and agreed to the rules and you will now be trusted with administrator privileges. This means you will be able to get an avatar out if one is available and you will have kick rights.
(See rank rules to find about kick rights)

From here on out, any further ranks earned will be given solely on clan participation.
1 .: Be active in chat,don't clan sit
2 .: Help encourage conversation
3 .: Capping at the citadel weekly. Capping isn't mandatory but will effect weather you rank up further into the clan.
4 .: Helping others
5 .: Know when to be mature in certain situations
6 .: Have patience
7 .: Just going the extra mile
8 .: Being involved on the thread (not just posting bumps)

~Organizers,Coordinators and Overseers
You have been with MgS for a long,long time.You have shown you are trustworthy and are willing to put yourself out for others.Have helped to keep the clan a family to be proud of.

~The Elders
You have helped build everything up,the clan,the rules,the thread and make it what it is today.Far and beyond the call of duty.
(They are outstanding with a mop and bucket,help hold everything together and just wont leave....)

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Welcome to pop in "MgSkillers" and take a look around. Don't let the name fool you. We have skillers, pvm'ers, pvp'ers, etc. of all kinds from all around the world.
What we have to offer:

*Always Recruiting*

Because of our ranking system, there is always someone in chat that can meet you and recruit you in so just pop in cc and ask for an invite!

*Open Skilling Clan*

Weather its, skilling, PVP, PVM,etc. everyone is welcome to come skill and chill with us. We are open to anything, doesn't matter if your a member of the clan or someone that just likes to guest. Door is always open!

*Requirements to join*

No requirements to join. Only requirement after being recruited is to read the clan and rank rules and make a post stating that you have read them within 4 weeks!

We offer a tier 7 citadel with 3 avatars. Capping is always voluntary and never mandatory but we encourage everyone to take advantage of all that free xp!


Our ranking system is easy, 1st week recruit. 2nd week corporal. 3rd week sergent. 4th week(after making a post stating that you have read the rules)Admin. We want everyone to feel like they are a real part of the clan so after 4 weeks into the clan, you will be able to summon an avatar, recruit your own friends and people. After admin. rank, any higher ranks will be given solely by participation. This includes capping every week, weekly posts on the forum thread, answering questions and helping others in cc, etc.


We are not doing any group events at this time but anyone is welcome to organize and host their own events!

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