Portable Vic is pay to win..

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So you can buy a bond with real money, paying to get portable Vic will earn you better xp exchange rates than regular Vic who is free, this is the definition of pay to win Vic, even the last th event, you had to pay money to get enough keys to even get a guaranteed purple item because you weren't going to get one on two or even four free keys a day, now I'm waiting for a dxp weekend or an actual update that introduces actual meaningful content to the game, jagex sure knows how to kill a game..

24-Apr-2019 00:19:24



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Draco Burnz said:
Blackwing said:
Draco Burnz said:
How is it anymore "P2W" than normal Vic?

Better exchange rates, no arbitrary waiting for him to appear :P

Still fail to see any case here?
Do you want me to paraphrase it for you? Here, let's try.

So ordinarily, players get a chance to trade in their 'hard earned' bonus experience with Vic, who runs his store in Burthorpe. Vic typically appears twice a year, usually coinciding with the joyous event that is DXP weekend. The rates of exchange are set such that exchanging bonus exp accumulated in a particular skill offers a diminishing return of credits.

With this innovative sales tactic, however, Jagex is now offering the player base an opportunity to trade in their bonus exp at BETTER rates than they would otherwise receive. Moreover, they can do this AS AND WHEN they wish. All this for the purchase of a bond.

But aren't bonds purchasable with in-game currency? Surely this is not pay to win? Well, I'd like to remind you that at its root, bonds are still introduced into the game via real world micro-transactions. Having someone else pay on my behalf for an in-game advantage is nevertheless paying to win.

Hope this clears things up for you.

24-Apr-2019 06:59:49

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