Summer Skill-Off!

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I think the event in itself is a cool concept - the tricky part here all comes down to the time required for the rewards, and based on some of the posts in this thread and the Recent Game Updates forum as a whole, I'm not alone in that thinking.

The fact of the matter is, the event is simply too short for a working person who only gets a few hours a day of time to 'maybe' play (after other IRL commitments have been completed) to complete the event unless they buy into it. This hasn't been the case with the last few events. Most of the prior events have allowed ample time for the event to be completed; if one plays the game for an hour or so each day, they can hit the total tokens necessary to unlock all of the rewards.

As an example, I work 40 hours a week and typically do not get to log into the game until close to 8PM, and then usually get a few hours to do 'whatever' - things around the house, other computer work, other games, and so on. As it is right now, I'm 'babysitting' my laptop which is sitting on the kitchen table while I make dinner just to keep myself logged in, and that really isn't how I'd like to play or spend my time - in fact, part of the reason I'm doing that was so I could see how the event worked prior to writing my feedback.

My constructive criticism then is as follows: If you want to keep the 15k token limit then that's fine, but then the event should be 2 weeks instead of 1. And this is completely doable - collect votes for 2 days, and then axe one of the skills, rather than after only 1 day of votes. Otherwise, the number of tokens required needs to come down substantially.

Like I said, I like the concept, but ultimately I doubt I'll be able to get all of the rewards simply because I don't have that kind of time to play on a regular basis.

29-Jul-2019 22:52:22



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Gwtwpups said:
@ Applejuice I agree with you on some of your points but this really isn't a cool concept.

If we leave the time constraint and the tokens out of it, the core theme of the event is an interesting concept in that the individual skills are left to find against one another based on the participation of the players training those skills. Of course some of that will be skewed based on how annoying a skill is normally to train, or what skill(s) players have the least amount of xp in. Regardless, at the end of the week one skill will be the winner. At least, that's how I looked at that aspect of it, while providing criticism on the other aspects of the event that I felt made it a bit less enjoyable.

29-Jul-2019 23:34:38

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