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malcheor ltd
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malcheor ltd

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Long time player since 05, i would like to say please rework the veteran skill-capes or add additionally content. Also slayer skill is very boring add any mini-game or other ways to level,D&D like sinkholes or rework . My number one frustration is too many worlds added to the game and people are spread throughout the worlds im usually skilling alone 95 % of the time. thanks

21-Sep-2019 21:43:27

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ok heres 1 for yall i can move a bolder the size of a house to get into gwd but somehow dont have the strength to weld 2 -2handed swords think it would be kinda kool to get a dual weldable godsword/swords and off hand one with the ability to have the dual effect of 2 godswords with outh the stats being tampered with or the swords abilities so they can be mix matched or dubbled up with 2 identical swords example the only weapon with healing and prayer renewal is the sgs so i tent to never change from the sgs because of so but the others are just more like power hits so why couldnt you do a so i can go kill with a sgs and armadyl would be more understandable to a pole weapon spear/hailbred etc to remain 2 handed only heck even if you made it like one of those codex things that unlock abilities that would be freakin sweet it takes old items/weapons and gives a new idea from them with little changes other then the fact i can hold with on hand now instead of 2 and have a free hand for another favorite godsword or if it cant be dont with the old ones make a new one the only godswords in game that can be dual welded witch means if you do that there should be new boss to kill to get it XD hope you do something like this so now that im robbed of 4 hours of event time since today isnt even over i think you should re activate the event untill the time that was giving "the last day" well theres 24hours in a day and i got lil under 4 left why you robbing ppl of time hmmm think yall need to fix the time zone crap

24-Sep-2019 03:25:36



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muy buen juego me encanta todo me gustaria que vuelva al habla latina y tener un server latino tengo amigos que somos latinos y aveces se nos dificulta mucho los quets misiones tratando de subir niveles en el juego

25-Sep-2019 20:52:23

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