Plz let me build room for Anja

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Jokku23 said:
Mod Osborne said:
Player-owned House contracts: build rooms for NPCs – This is a new Construction training method created by Mod Ryan, where you receive construction requests or ‘contracts’ from NPCs. You will then travel to the homes of those characters with your own resources, and you will try to satisfy the terms of the contract. These will be separated into easy, medium and hard tasks, with varying Construction XP rewards. You will also earn points by participating in the content, which will allow the purchase of rewards.

Could this be made so that I can make a room for Anja in my own house?

Please let me build a room for Anja!

I mean on reflection, you absolutely can. Just build an extra bedroom. It's just she never comes over. Maybe she's just not that into you. </3
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13-May-2019 23:03:45

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