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For those who took the recent survey that Jagex released.... I notice there was no mention or option to COMPLETELY OPPOSE the idea of raising the LEVEL CAPS!

We were promised back when Dungeoneering was introduced, and again when "True" Skill Mastery Capes were introduced that the Levels Caps would remain at 99.

20-Sep-2019 04:04:21

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More and more people have maxed their accounts, to a point where TH key sales are drying up -- this is their way of adding more exp for people to buy. Level 99 could still be the non-virtual level cap otherwise.
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As posted on the previous thread, this account has several 120s, main is 120 all. For people who are not like me (which is the vast majority of players), 120 skills will indeed turn players off. Now that I have graduated college and have real-word responsibility, I won’t be able to convert/partake in updates like I was previously able to. The player base is getting older, and requirements are getting longer. A recipe for disaster. -Master of All- August 4, 2019

07-Oct-2019 19:47:46



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You should also consider that there were options of prioritizing it lower or not answering the question.

When the percentages skew neutral to positive, you are correct, that it would seem to be a one sided discussion.

08-Oct-2019 04:11:18

For iAmDeath

For iAmDeath

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Exactly. @jagex read this

Jamzi said:
but raising the levels to 120 just means less players........

raising levels to 120 randomly like this invalidates everyone who got 120 before this update. It also makes it more intimidating to newer players who are just starting and aiming for 99

08-Oct-2019 04:51:43

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Agreed, 120 level cap completely turns off any new players, which is what runescape 3 needs.

Anyone with maxed, comped or all virtual 120s wont be leaving because they are "bored" as some players may have suggested.

No long term thought from jagex on this one (or any updated at all) just the short term monetary gain for them through people buying the 120s.
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08-Oct-2019 16:26:44



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Do you guys want virtual level 120 cap rather than increase it to actual 120 cap?

Well, haters gonna hate if they opposed level 120 cap and the argument may be invalid.

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