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The game already has too much content in it!

That will come as a surprise to many players. I keep hearing complaints that we aren't getting enough new content.

I know that early on in my development as a player, I did all the quests I could to open up the game and gain experience and rewards. And it seemed like a log wait between quests to build up my skills to meet the requirements of the next quest.

But that the game does have a lot of places and activities, some of which are very little used, certainly is true.

I think that there is a crying need to step back and analyze what is going on with the game. Players are intensely focused on gaining XP in the most efficient way, and so a lot of good development work on fun and interesting activities is getting wasted? Ask yourself why.

Then it becomes obvious what you need to fix. Making new activities more fun, so player's can't resist them, isn't the answer. Instead: why do players feel they won't be able to start having fun from the game until they are maxed?

I think the problem is a flawed definition of "fun". There are different kinds of games, all of which are fun for the people who like them. But the games include different activities. Someone who comes to an MMORPG is probably expecting to do stuff like dungeon crawls and fighting boss monsters. They didn't come here to play a completely different kind of game.

So adding "fun" to RuneScape by putting in minigames is going about it in the wrong way. Instead, what is needed is this: even new, low-level players need more opportunities to kill fearsome monsters, bring back treasure, and advance towards the day when Glienor will no longer labor under menaces and be a pawn to the "gods".

Add some more low-level bosses. Some more entry-level quests. See if Dungeoneering can be expanded.

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