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Bubbleesx3 said:
Will there ever be a chance to label/categorize your bank tab?

One of my main problems is that remembering which tabs I have for which.

Would be very nice if you had drop down labels for tabs...


Would be much easier than trying to figure out constantly which tab is which.

This change is also included in the rework, u can rename the tab and also change the icon of the tab to all the skills or also to the combat icon.

11-Aug-2019 19:19:05

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20-Aug-2019 06:45:05

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I was really pleased to hear that more bank space was added, as a result of player feedback, to the bank rework. A bank rework is nice to have, but for many players, more bank space is desperately needed.

I wouldn't mind if in addition to a few extra free bank spaces for everyone, there was also added the option to purchase more additional bank spaces in Solomons' Store as well. This would be good if it made more total bank spaces possibly available.

30-Aug-2019 18:03:26

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P.S. buy the way the link to the beta is down, the last time I was able to log in and check, the moving tabs was still broken.

P.S.S. the date at the top of this post says Aug 30th. I am posting this Sept 11th.

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3. Bank space; the maximum amount of bank space should be completely free for paying members.

Agree! I already pay for membership, I shouldn’t have to pay for max bank slots, especially with how often items and things are being released!
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20-Sep-2019 09:44:43

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The problem: When you spam click withdrew items, SOMETIMES (only if you happened to clear a row & you weren't aware of it) the interface would move your items up a row but not the cursor, meaning you would withdraw the wrong item.

The solution: Now if you want to withdraw 15 items you need to move the cursor over 15 different spots where you used to be able to leave the cursor in the one spot.

I feel like you kind of brought in a spider to catch a fly here, and I hope you consider reverting this, because this was not a quality of life improvement, it went the other way,

I would have thought some sort of scrollbar improvement might have been more pragmatic.


02-Oct-2019 16:49:05

Ghos t
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Ghos t

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Please when making these not so QoL updates, at least give us an option to toggle it off so we can ourselves decide whether it fits our playing style or not.

Only good thing about this update is perhaps placeholders. Bad on the other hand...

Where's my sliding inventory? Now I have to make multiple precise mouse moves to get the items I want out of the bank. I never wanted to leave open spots with Empty Examine text boxes. This takes more time! That's not an upgrade, it's a downgrade!

Why did you implement the transfer-X items option as the first option in the right-click box without removing the option itself from the box? Isn't duplicates bad coding? Previously I was used to withdrawing 5, 10, (own option) with right-click then the amount. Now I'm supposed to move mouse to transfer options EVERY TIME I want to change that amount or I'm left with the obnoxious duplicate right-click options. At least change it so we can turn the Transfer amount off to not appear in the right-click options. This would be the easiest way to "remove" it from people who doesn't want that.

All in all I can see the placeholders wanted and good since It can be toggled off.

Otherwise bring back sliding inventory and give us the chance to turn Transfer option from right-click off.

06-Oct-2019 11:02:22

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Is it a feature or an oversight? The withdraw as note used to be a permanent toggle until log out and now it resets every time you close the bank to the unnoted version. The most hated man in all of JaGeX. Greed is NOT Good! MTX bad.

17-Oct-2019 18:40:37

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