Elite Herblore outfit

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Not so sure yet, we don't have any elite outfit for artisan skills, so far we have elite outfit for all gathering and 2/4 support skills. A slayer outfit would make no sense, but an outfit for agility that can tp to the agility courses would be nice to have. °l||l° Modest Skillers T7 Citadel | Skilling clan recruiting players. °l||l°
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21-Sep-2019 05:53:03



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More likely to see Agility or Firemaking.

Gathering and support skills to date are the ones that have gotten Elite Skilling Outfits.
True, Runecrafting has an Elite Outfit, but if you consider you do more training via Runespan that other methods, it's less of an "artisan" skill.

Dungeoneering and Thieving, support skills, have outfits.
Slayer already has it's own collection of reward boosts, so I doubt we'll see one there.
Usually you get the benefits of the elite outfit as you wear it. Dungeoneering perks were the first to be not exclusive to wearing the outfit, Slayer again is more dependent on what combat gear you wear.
Agility would make sense as a support skill like Thieving. You'd wear it as you ran the laps.

Firemaking, while an "artisan" skill, is also the most useless. So a set effect for 5-7%, along with the Ring of Fire, and whatever other secondary perks you get, would be useful for speeding up the skill.

22-Sep-2019 15:10:18

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