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Cruz said:
nyxiah said:
weird to see Eldritch so cheap atm considering it gives 40% more DPS. People are just INS all their drops and just taking w/e they can get

Care to explain how it gives 40% more dps? because that's just incredibly incorrect lol

without going to indepth, a regular 2k hit ss'd heals for 200 hp, using spec and having ss on does 2k + 200*4 damage aka 2.8k which is 40% extra damage

the higher you would've healed all at once, the lower the damage boost but most range damage is fast medium damage hits so the damage boost starts at 40% up to 2k damage splats, then it goes down since ss heals 5% after that up to 4k, which means it becomes 30% damage boost, then goes down from there

02-Mar-2019 10:21:54

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