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Syrene said:
Cordial Salutation! :)

I'd like to advise the price range of the Discontinued Items/Partyhats while they are actively traded/flipped/merchanted/faked. I am advising of all sales/purchase price ranges that they have been traded for in the last 1-2 weeks -

Black Santa Hat: 2400 - 3200m

Purple: 6600 - 7600m

Yellow: 6900 - 7800m

Green: 7400 - 8000m

Red: 9400 - 9900m

White: 13,400 - 13,800m

Blue: 17,500 - 18,000m

PSA: I am advising that the price of the discontinued items/partyhats can be anywhere in between the ranges posted. These are not exact prices. So try not to conflict! ^_^ thanks.


28-May-2019 21:22:48

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