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Hex 0mega
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Hex 0mega

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I don't know if its already and option and I'm just not seeing it, but there really needs to be an option to delete your post within a thread. Navigating the site on mobile is just an absolute nightmare in itself, but it is especially easy to end up like posting something twice on mobile and then you can't go back and delete it, you just have to either live with it or edit it to verify that it was a mistake, making you look like an ass clown either way in the end. There needs to be a way to delete if theres not "Everyone is limited to what's on their mind"

- Slipknot

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Though that maybe a useful feature, there is nothing wrong regarding an accidental double post, it can happen to just anyone including the moderators. If we see it, we will hide it for you. An accidental double post will not be credited against you in any way.

13-Mar-2019 10:03:32

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20-Sep-2019 19:02:51

CM Shaddie

CM Shaddie

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As you have created a thread pertaining to this issue please do not Hijack other peoples threads, it is considered as fairly rude to do here.

Your friendly neighborhood CM!

20-Sep-2019 19:40:46

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