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Honestly, the polls page isn't broken. It's functioning as it's designed to do. The skip option is a vote option, and it's counting it because the page is to show who voted on what.

What we have here though is that it has yet to been updated to reflect the changes made to OSRS's polling system. That's completely different than being broken tbh.

I do agree though, that the page should be updated to reflect these changes...but I think that when the work is done...a proper skip option should be made that either tells the database query to ignore it and any submissions for it, or whatever. That way it can work for both games instead of have custom changes just for the OldSchool section of the module....or have messy/hacky workarounds to ignore 'skip'/'skip question'.
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19-Sep-2019 16:47:38

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I didn't even think about skip being a valid option placeholder for a null vote, but that makes total sense.

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08-Oct-2019 21:25:28

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