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So, you finally decided to start using the RuneScape Forums...

What was your first Forum interaction and how was it?

What was the first thing about the Forums that you noticed? A bunch of details, some particular feature... Perhaps there was something you liked/disliked right away?

Additional questions for more experienced Forums visitors: What hooked you, what made you a regular forumer? What was your best moment on the Forums?

New Forum users' replies are especially welcome :)
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When I first used the forums it was initially for a clan I was in at the time and they asked me to go onto the forums to check out events and fill out an application to get things going. It was pretty confusing at first but I ended up moving into other sections of the forums and have been using them actively while playing RuneScape.

I just began becoming interested in getting involved and posting feedback for content I wish to see in the future or recent updates concerning the game. It's also fun to just post around and see what's going on and such. I don't really have a favorite memory, though.

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Many years back I discovered forum games, though I probably only made 10-20 posts there before moving on.

A few weeks later I got some firelighters from a clue scroll, and (not knowing they were untradeable) created a thread asking what they were worth, and felt rather silly after I got one reply :(

Years later I got into lurking Game Feedback and continued through its assorted namechanges, making very few posts in the process. It's only in the last couple of years that I've actually got into posting heavily, though I'm not really sure why I started.

23-Jan-2014 19:06:26

Captn Crayon

Captn Crayon

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I think I started using the forums for trading when the ge wasn't around. Then slowly I just started to look at all different forums, though I don't post much. I mainly just read just so I know whats going on in the game. =)

23-Jan-2014 19:07:14

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I think I started in the Recent Game Update forum and haven't moved out since! It is like my 'home' forum. I used to love looking in the forum when the "System Update" counter in-game appeared as the news posts would usually appear on here first, before they appeared on the homepage. I then started to ask questions about updates and compiled a few questions on somebody's thread about an update and that is kind of how my thread started (and still goes on today, over 3 years later!).

Your first experiences of anything are always the most memorable and it's always good to reflect back on them as they can usually bring a smile. :P


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An Ur

An Ur

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I first used the forums years ago to post suggestions on how to make bank tabs (back then there was just one line) and nothing else. When i got back on RS araund 2011 i mostly used it for lurking, and making ocasional post on a thead i saw nobady anwsering. Or i fealt that i chould make a better anwser on it.

Then the EoC wars started...

We do not speak of the battles fought here, but i mostly tried to chill out people and not making #rage posts as much as i chould. Durring that time prety much every thead was EoC battles, and not many bothered to anwser questions that get posted on the forums every day so i decided to fill in the gap. :)

I use the forums now mostly to chat in the lounges, post suggestions and lurk for help theads. I sometimes start or participate in a forum skirmish, but mostly try to stop them now. :P

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I think my very first forum post was in the "Old" Rants forum actually.

Don't worry, I wasn't raging about anything - I posted in response to another post I found to be extremely humourous (I think it was the "Onion Man Attacks! thread).
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I can't remember a great deal of why I ventured to the forums but I do remember using it early on supporting and creating threads relating to how underpowered magic was at the time (ancient spells were not a thing) and various issues related to an even more melee centered game. It was great to see so many players who had also felt magic (and range) be more viable combat styles.

The forums have changed so much since I started using them and were more obscure than today. One thing that annoyed me was that spaces in one name did not display as they currently do. My name would have displayed as 2 2 5 instead of 2---2-5. What made this matter worse was there happened to be player who's name was 2 2 5 (hiscores no longer shows such a player), and while this player never did post, it had potential to be rather aggravating should they have. The naming issue also lead to a number of accusations when some would attempt to look my skill up. Eventually It lead to a very long lived thread, once having the title of being the oldest thread on the forums, that might have lead to spaces finally displaying correctly in names.

Back then, massive threads were possible...the 2k limit was non existent.
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