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I basically used the market forums to post my offers before GE.

Back in the ancient time, it wasn't easy to trade bulk items and I happened to make a good chunk of gp through trading so I just used the market forums.

Otherwise, most of the time it was just trash talk in the forums.

Oh yes... a lot of spammers too. :D:D:D

03-Aug-2018 03:34:49

CM Neriphyra

CM Neriphyra

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As I am catching up on all the community's discussions, I must say that I very much enjoyed this thread.

I do not have any memories of my first post as a player but I used to be on the forums actively to help me find skilling supplies before the GE was implemented.

Right now, this thread is also very interesting for us to hear your feedback and the use of this forum for your suggestions on how we can improve your experience, so thank you for participating everyone! :)

14-Sep-2018 22:01:11

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I made This.

now I have dozens of HUGE threads, most of which are in old school content suggestions, some in game content suggestions.

I'm aided in my endeavors by my typing speed- this post was about 20 seconds.
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26-Feb-2019 19:38:22

CM Brandon

CM Brandon

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I think my first forum experience was for selling a bunch of yew longbow (u) that I had fletched. Someone referred me to w2 in Seers Village where there was bunch of people buying/selling fletching and alch supplies. Community Manager for Jagex

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20-Jul-2019 00:25:34

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Lurked every section during the 2000s, nothing really stood out but ultimately landed in the Rants forum. There was so much spam/trolling after removal of free trade which got me a lot of giggles reading. Around that time the resting/sitting update was also released, which at first caused plateskirt-wearing girls to uh.. 'reveal'. A jmod had posted a stickied announcement about fixing it, and I teased her about her wording for 'sitting with dignity'. :P

20-Jul-2019 10:23:17

Aeon Queen8
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Aeon Queen8

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The forum sections I originally spent a lot of time in were Quests and Clue Scrolls, since I liked helping people, and it was useful for advice at the time. Clue Scrolls in particular was fun, since you weren't allowed to post direct answers, so I used to write an alternate riddle to point to the same location. It was really fun. :D

I did fall afoul of the Forum Specific Rules once, though - I was fine on the Forum Code of Conduct, but the fact there were separate rules for each section had totally passed me by! That was for giving direct answers in Clue Scrolls, hence why I went to the riddle method. :D

20-Jul-2019 15:50:09

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