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Heket - The purposes of the Community Support forums (and the forums as a whole) are for the knowledgeable members of the community to assist you with resolving your issue where assistance can be provided, and to provide guidance to the appropriate section of the support centre when Jagex intervention is needed.

The community members who post in this thread do so without incentive from Jagex, and do so because they care about the people that they are helping. Being rude to them therefore really isn't an appropriate way to go about your issue.

Hmm has provided you an appropriate place to contact Jagex with regards to your issue.

In the future, if you know your payment will not be able to go through until a certain date, it is best to cancel a recurring subscription, and start a new subscription when those funds are available. Recurring subscriptions will rebill 3 days before they are set to expire.

Should you need additional assistance and wish to do so without berating your fellow players, you may make a new thread within this forum. Or, you can use the appropriate part of the Managing my subscription section of the Support Centre. This thread is now closed, however, due to the direction you have chosen to take it in by being quite rude to your fellow players who are only trying to provide you with assistance as to why this might have happened, and how you can contact Jagex about it.

31-Jul-2019 02:12:19

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