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After the recent update where the ui got revamped, I've been having some issues with the game.
-when bossing the buff bar covers the bosses health bar, which is really annoying in some cases
-health bar shows no exact hp numbers
-bank still crashes my phone, alot. Which makes Bank intensive activities like most skilling just impossible to do.
-the look is honestly pretty tacky imo, liked the older look better. Felt like I was actually playing rs3.
-buff bar only shows a limited amount of buffs, for example in pvm where you have many different buffs I can't tell when I need to refresh my potions sometimes.
-the side action bars don't get highlighted when prayers are used, which was very convenient imo.

Otherwise I'm loving the mobile experience

14-Sep-2019 10:14:47

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I've only made a few posts since starting the beta over two years. Here are a few things I can comment on/recommend:

- One of the things that I have noticed recently is with the chat interface. I try to reply to a private message and half way through the message, it will send me back to the public chat. I think this may be consistent with the amount of text though I don't have an exact amount

- Rune metrics xp tracker doesn't pop up on the main interface when you select lightweight mode. I think it would be beneficial for players to see xp rates as a ribbon option, especially if they pay for rune metrics.

- It would be very cool if players could see who is playing on mobile vs desktop. I find myself changing my examine message every time I play on mobile because I rarely reply when playing on mobile. I don't want people thinking I'm a bot or something.

I really like the new look of mobile. The update makes mobile game play & movement flawless and I hope to see some of the features within mobile hit the desktop version. ie, tile markers.

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A Khaleesi
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A Khaleesi

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I find myself accidentally kicking/banning people in the FC when I try to scroll up the chat.

I also find myself adding random people in the FC too, which I find annoying because I like to know who the people on my friends list are.

This problem is not just from scrolling the chat though, I find it as a problem when scrolling through the Friends Chat List as well.

Is there a chance to maybe make the scroll bar wider, and able to scroll chat/Friends Chat List instead of having to scrub through people's chat/names?

20-Sep-2019 01:25:45

A Khaleesi
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A Khaleesi

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I sometimes want to trade with other players in World 2, like POF trading, etc. but I find it hard to negotiate prices when I'm already at the trading screen. I have no access to chat whatsoever, and the other person may be asking how much, or if he could make it cheaper, etc.

Is there any chance you guys can add chat during the trading screen on mobile? I prefer to not be left in the dark

20-Sep-2019 01:26:20

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I'm having a problem when I tap and hold to perform a right click. I have to stop and tap with my pointer and stay pretty still yo not perform the a regular tap. Its minor and hardly an issue. Just something I'm having a problem with.
I cant find the currency pouch anymore.
I cant find auto retaliate.(to turn it off)

21-Sep-2019 20:05:21

i takenobull
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i takenobull

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Hi, Thank you for bringing us Mobile . Two things im having trouble with: it seems when doing a celtic knot the invert path button does not work, secondly only once did the oddment store button show up in treasure hunter. Every other time im at a loss to even see my oddments. Thanks and here's to making mobile a permanent fixture for Runescape.

23-Sep-2019 02:41:26

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Was doing some Runecrafting runs while waiting in the airport, and after several runs had to quit the activity frustrated. I noticed several problems:
1. The bank preset numbers are way to small for Runescape mobile. I was using Samsung Galaxy S7, so a relatively large screen, but the click area for bank lresets was way to small. I think the whole bank interface should be rebalanced for Mobile. You can't just use a PC version on a smaller screen and call it a day.

2. When teleporting with Ring of duelling, the teleportation options screen took only a fraction of my screen, making the destinations really hard to click. Why make the rest of screen black and use the whole screen?

3. I have my pouch, beast of burned and ethereal outfit hotkeyed for quick banking. Unfortunately, a rapid clicking of hotkeys often did not register, unlike on PC, making me craft less runes per trip.

I do have to add that a redesigned UI was a move in a good direction. Runescape feels much more like a mobile app now and is easier and more intuitive to use. The same design philosophy should be applied to a bank interface.

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