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Grey Gray

Grey Gray

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What is the issue?:
Stuck quest progression on mobile.
During the River of Blood quest, right after the first battle with Wyrd on the bridge.
The player delivers their final hit to Wyrd. Efaritay teleports in and scares off Wyrd. Then nothing further happens. Vanescula is supposed to talk to Efaritay but that doesn't trigger. No NPC besides Vanescula has a Talk option and if the player runs up to Vanescula to talk to her, the scene restarts with Wyrd taunting the player and Efaritay teleporting in to scare it off.
Attempted solutions that didn't work:
logging out and back in on mobile, restarting app.
Log in on desktop computer and progress in the quest.

Device name:
Samsung Galaxy S8+
Model Number:
Yes. Game played only on wifi.
Android 8.0.0
RuneScape client version:

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