Mobile crashes opening bank

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Any menu with an inventory screen crashes my Samsung j5, also when I set to low graphics it doesn't change. Stayed high detail every time. Im still invisible on beta app, any fixes

10-Sep-2019 14:49:59

The TomBomb
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The TomBomb

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Every single time I open the bank, it will crash the entire game/app.
Version Runescape_908_3_4_1. (Says it's the latest. I even uninstalled and reinstalled)
Phone: Galaxy J7 Star (SM-J737T1)
Android 8.0

10-Sep-2019 21:46:33

Hex 0mega
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Hex 0mega

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Its neat that theres been nothing but problems with crashing within several different
features since they released this like 2 weeks ago and they aren't even acknowledging it.
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11-Sep-2019 16:10:40

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I can't go in bank on he or deposit stuff in bank. Also I cant even get stuff from slayer master. Game crashes every time. I have a Galaxy j7 here. Please fix the banks. I even put my phone aback the way that it was. Then install the gae again. Did it again crashing o me.

29-Sep-2019 00:13:01

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