Do Jmods read this forum?

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Sao Paulo BR
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Sao Paulo BR

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Since the update in 21th August, several threads here have been reporting that the bank crash was not fixed, and in some cases It became even worse because in my case It is crashing when I open any interface that needs to load various objects:
- Smelting interface
- Smithing interface
- Range Interface
- Some shops
- Bank, that was supposed to be functional
- Deposit box with many objects in the inventory
- Lobby crash, when the game cache download reach 82%, or 94%

Please fix this, my specs:
LG K10
Android 7.0
2GB of RAM

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Sad Hero
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Sad Hero

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I dont think they even glance at this forum considering the only update they did towards mobile was various ones i haven't personally even seen people complain about on this forum ones ive seen are all about the bank issues and the money pouch oddaments and such things needing to be moved to somewhere actually easily accessible.

All they fixed was the compass on the mini map they tend to ignore actual issues people have

14-Sep-2019 02:21:30

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