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Just a quick intro; I almost exclusively play on mobile for the past 4 or 5 months, and I found the old UI, while quirky, to be at least usable, but since the new UI patch, the game is basically unplayable. I've submitted bug reports on features that just don't work, but here's a list of, in my opinion, much needed changes.


1. Ribbon Icons
Limiting the number of ribbon icons does make sense, but there should be 6 ribbon icons with a 7th button to list the ribbon icons we don't have selected. Currently, you basically have to pick which game features you want to turn on and off at this point, as you have to re-customize the ribbon just to open the missing windows. This is even worse with the new UI where everything is now nested in a menu inside of another menu.

2. Inventory & Currency Pouch
The previous inventory with the currency pouch, etc.. accessible at the bottom made way more sense. Even if icons need to be created and displayed horizontally rather than vertical to avoid scrolling, it's a must to have easy access to these features.

3. Mini map
The previous mini map seemed to show more of the map. I almost exclusively use the mini map for movement, and I feel more restricted now with the narrow rectangle. Can't the mini map scale up to a full square when no ribbon windows are open?

4. Different Ground Indicator for Actions
Currently, it's impossible to tell once I've clicked on an object or NPC as opposed to just clicking on the ground to move. Perhaps if the ground Indicator turned red instead of yellow to indicate an action instead of just a movement?

I'm sure there's many other major and minor changes that should and will be made over time, but these are my suggestions thus far. Anyone else agree with these changes or want to see others? Leave your replies so we can get some attention to these much needed changes!


14-Sep-2019 07:14:49

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I support all 4 points here. Especially the minimap being too narrow now. If I had to choose one thing from this list it would definitely be that.

I used to do some runecrafting on my lunch breaks but now with the minimap being so small I had run sideways all the time. Leading to a lot of misclicks.

Otherwise mobile is excellent and everything 13 year old me would have wanted
I rc nats because quests are hard and haven't done legacy of seergaze.

25-Sep-2019 21:26:46

Saint Wicked
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Lol. Consider yourself lucky to even have access to the beta. I've literally been playing longer than you** been alive and i missed my opportunity for the beta :( hopefully theu fix the bank crashing and open more spots soon.

26-Sep-2019 01:00:15

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