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Outcast ToC
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Outcast ToC

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''Amongst THE OUTCAST, there are no outcasts''
. . . . . . . . . . .

Welcome. We are The Outcast.

We’ve struggled in the past to fit in every place we’ve been. Many failed attempts we had made, pretending to be one within the indistinguishable mob of faces lacking individuality. Many times we were looked down upon or other times not seen at all. But no, that is not who we are.

We do not attempt to seek approval from ‘their’ society, rather only from our brethren. We accept who we are and acknowledge all the greatness we possess. Our few brothers and sisters know the magnitude of of our noble deeds and the enormity of our triumphs. That is enough.

We do not lie among the fallen but stand strong against the winds of torment, despair and injustice. Individually we have been cast out only to unite as one family. Together we seek glory on the side of the worthy and deliver vengeance on behalf of the traversed. All throughout the lands of Gielinor and the worlds beyond, our name shall be known.

Together we travel along the fringes, those often dark lonely paths, satisfied with our self-imposed solace as we venture forth on our journeys. And if by chance you come across us during your own adventures – perhaps it shall be discovered that you, too, are one of us. That you are an Outcast.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


To join us, you must be a
Runescape member
and meet at least one of the following criteria:
• 110 Combat Level
• 1800+ Total Levels
• Level 99 in at least 3 skills

An application is on Page 2, Post 11. It's not required but is recommended and will earn you a quick 4 points.

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Outcast ToC
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Outcast ToC

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Page 1, Post 02


Page 1:

Post 01: Welcome and Requirements
Post 02: Table Of Contents
Post 03: History & Structure*
Post 04: General Information and The Outcast Constitution*
Post 05: Rules & Discipline*
Post 06: Ranking System*
Post 07: Earning Points*
Post 08: Government & Officer Rank Descriptions
Post 09: Standard Member Rank Descriptions
Post 10: The Outcast Departments

Page 2:

Post 11: New Member Application
Post 12: Members Status Updates
Post 13: Applications & Forms
Post 14: Leaders & Department Officers
Post 15: Members & Current Points
Post 16: Members & Current Points, cont.
Post 17: Members & Current Points, cont.
Post 18: Citadel
Post 19: Avatar Warden Guidelines
Post 20: Capped members ; Current Cycle

Page 3:

Post 21: The War Room
Post 22: Weekly Events Schedule
Post 23: Monthly Skill Competition
Post 24: Current Months Skill Competition
Post 25: Skill Competition, Historical Winners
Post 26: Skill Competition, Historical Winners (con't)
Post 27: Top Points, Historical Winners
Post 28: Reserved
Post 29: Reserved
Post 30: Reserved

Page 4:

Post 31: Clan leaderboards
Post 32: Clan leaderboards (con't)
Post 33: Clan leaderboards (cont't)
Post 34: Clan leaderboards (con't)
Post 35: Clan leaderboards (con't)
Post 36: Clan leaderboards (con't)
Post 37: Reserved
Post 38: Reserved
Post 39: Reserved
Post 40: Reserved

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Outcast ToC
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Outcast ToC

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Page 1, Post 03


Our clan was created in December of 2009 by people who were fed up with the “typical” clan. We were disillusioned by being treated like numbers and frustrated over being powerless to change that. After being banned for speaking out against our mother-clan’s tyrant leader, we got together and laid the foundation for our own clan. We established a clan to be governed, owned and ruled by its loyal members. With these principles as our foundation, we became a strong and triumphant clan that has existed for many years. The current structure of the clan was established early in 2011 and has been growing at a steady pace - adapting to the game around us. We place a priority on the quality of our members over quantity, thus our numbers remain modest (50-plus).


The Council:

The Council is made up of a 5-member team of appointed/elected members who manage the day-to-day responsibilities of the clan. Current members are: PvM Gameboy, Stapo, and Teh Old Toad. Any change in clan policies or operating procedures requires a minimum of three affirmative votes by council members. 0o0Donald0o0 and Archermanme currently serves as advisors to the council and if necessary, has the authority to cast a tie-breaking vote.


The Founders of The Outcast’s present form are: 0o0Donald0o0, Kentric, Full Of Aces, Puro Corona and X(u)binator. They are and will always be designated as such, regardless as to their current affiliation with the clan.


The designated “owners” of the clan are 0o0Donald0o0, Full Of Aces, Kentric and Puro Corona. They maintain responsibility over the clan, regardless if they are active or not.

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Outcast ToC
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Outcast ToC

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Page 1, Post 04


Official Clan-Chat:
The Outcast
Official Friend-Chat:
Outcast ToC
Quick Find Code:
Active Tier 7 w/ 3 Avatars
GMT, but are an international clan
Total Members:
154 members
Avg. Total Levels:
Total XP:
Stats Updated:
8th June, 2019


The Outcast constitution was created by the original founders and council members. It is not to be at tampered with or changed at ANYTIME without consultation among and vote by all available founders and owners.

All members, by virtue of joining the clan, hereby acknowledge and agree to the following proclamations.

- The Outcast is a council-based clan.
- The council shall represent the members and protects their rights.
- The council shall provide fair and just representation for all members.
- Corruption will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.
- Corrupt councils will be dissolved.
- Corrupt council members will be removed.
- Council members will respect the member’s right to an opinion.
- All members have the right to a single appeal per offense.
- The Outcast name belongs to the owners and founders.
- The Outcast thread and logos are owned by the founders, although they can be changed by council members if they have the authority, i.e. Forums Department.
- The owners reserve the right to disband the clan at any time. If the council members wish to continue with the clan they may, however they must agree to change the name, rewrite the thread, and choose their own form of government.
- Owner ranks (silver keys) are permanent.

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Outcast ToC
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Outcast ToC

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Page 1, Post 05


All members of the clan are required to follow the rules. While many are based on common sense and courtesy, please ensure you review and know them. We hold all our members in high regard and expect them to act in a professional manner.

General rules for all members:

- Obey all Jagex rules (self-explanatory).
- No slanderous, racial, derogatory, or prejudicial insults towards anyone
- Members are expected to stay in the clan chat at all times. This ensures you don’t miss any events or group gatherings!
- Please follow orders given by officer ranks. They are there to keep the peace.
- Please don’t report fellow clan members for things said in clan chat. It is our own room, away from the public. Simply mute them, or if it’s a serious issue, contact an officer and/or member of the council.
- Designated word for application: Stone
- Be respectful to clanmates and to the RS Community in general. As a representative of The Outcast, we’d strive to maintain an excellent reputation.:)

Specific rules for officers and council members:

- Do not abuse your authority. This involves unnecessary kicks from the clan, chat mutes, etc.
- You have responsibilities and duties. Please commit to fulfilling them.
- Be fair, be just and keep remain unbiased. Your best friend might be the cause of a problem and you may not choose sides.
- Buying/bribing votes for any poll or election is not permitted - and will be dealt with swiftly and harshly.


First Offense
: For most of the above rules, a verbal warning will be given and a re-statement of the rule broken. Officers may be temporarily stripped of rank.
Second Offense
: Temporary kick from the clan and/or stripping of rank and/or position.
Third Offense
: Permanent Ban

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Outcast ToC

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Page 1, Post 06


To aid in deciding ranks, we use points to track a member's clan contribution. Points may be earned in various ways (see Post 7 below) and are tallied at the end of each cycle to determine how active a person is and whether they are eligible for a promotion.

How it works:

Cycle = 28 days / 4 weeks / 4 Citadel Ticks

On the clan roster, a member has 2 numbers after their name - first being their total points and second being their cycle points. Total points is a tally of ALL the points a member has gained during their time in The Outcast. Cycle points shows how many they have earned in the current cycle.


Member A = 27 / 12 (27 all-time, 12 in this cycle)
Member B = 63 / 0 (63 all-time, 0 in this cycle)

There is no minimum requirement needed during each cycle, but members are encouraged to participate as much as possible. It’s just more fun for everyone that way. We will also monitor how long a member will go with 0 points gained and after 3 months of inactivity (0 points gained) they risk being removed.

Point freezes:

If for some reason you know you will be unable to be active over an extended period of time, simply post a blurb on the forums stating how long you will be away/busy/etc. We will simply freeze your totals and position until you return.:)

Points required for each rank:

Note: These are simply used as a guideline as meritorious promotions are possible.
- Recruit (1 bar, 0 points)
- Corporal (2 bars) - 16 Points
- Sergeant (3 bars) - 30 Points
- Lieutenant (bronze star) - 60 Points
- Captain (silver star) - 110 Points
- General (gold star) - 240 Points

Upper-level positions will usually require a point threshold before you may apply:

– Avatar Warden - 50 Points
– Dept. Deputy - 80 Points
– Dept. Manager - 180 Points

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Page 1, Post 07


Points can be earned through many different methods including attending events, hosting events, capping at the citadel and general activity. Points can be earned as follows:

- Event attendance: 2pts scheduled, 1pt unscheduled
- Capping at the Citadel and verifying with a council member: 2pts
- Hosting an event: 1pt
- Recruit/refer a new member via forum post (must be answered with friend's name to the 'who/what made you join ToC' question): 2pts
- Participation in skill competitions: 1pt
- Monthly Skilling Contest placements: 1st - 4pts | 2nd - 2pts | 3rd - 1pt
- Top 3 point-earners each cycle: 1st - 4pts | 2nd - 2pts | 3rd - 1pt
- Attending war practice: 3pts
- Attending a war: 10pts
- Bumping the Forums within a point cycle. 20 bumps - 1 pt | 40 bumps - 2 pts | 60 bumps - 3 pts. Absolutely no spamming!
- Exceptional effort, merit points awarded by clan leadership.

What counts as an event?

Scheduled events must last for 30 minutes, 2+ clan members must be present 2 points are awarded. Unscheduled events must last for an hour, 3+ clan members must be present 1 point is awarded.
Each event must have an Event Host.

What does an Event Host do?

The host is responsible for promoting the event in-game and posting attendance on forums. It's an extremely important role available to anyone. An event will not count for points if it isn't posted on the forums with the attendance. A bonus point will be awarded to the event host at the completion of the event. For unscheduled events the point is ONLY earned if 3 or more members attend the event and attendance is properly posted on the forum

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Outcast ToC

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Page 1, Post 08


Our government is truly unique in that it has no single leader, but a group of leaders. Below is a description of the clan structure as well as a list of officer positions.

At the top of the hierarchy we have the Owners and Founders. They are the members responsible for the rebirth and maintaining of The Outcast. They are due respect and thus own permanent ranks. Additionally, the Owners maintain the ownership rights to the clan. Also, the Owners and Founders serve as advisors to the Council.

The Council is made up of five elected (and in rare instances, appointed) members. They manage the day-to-day operations of the clan.

Finally, reporting to the Council, we have Department Managers and their Deputies.

For full details of the clan government and Council's responsibility, please see Posts 3 and 4 on this page.


Owners (silver key):
An unobtainable rank, reserved for the clan owners: 0o0Donald0o0, Full Of Aces, Kentric and Puro Corona.

The Council (bronze key):
Five members who are tasked with leading the clan as they determine best. If a majority of members vote to have a member step down, that council member will be asked to resign (or face removal). An election will be held immediately to fill the open slot.

Dept. Manager (gold cross):
Manager for a specific department. These high ranking officers manage the duties and the deputies for the department.

Dept. Deputy (silver cross):
These officers are the work-horses of their respective departments. The help the manager to run the department at peak performance.

Avatar Wardens (bronze cross):
These members are responsible for the Avatar, taking it to events and other situations where it's needed. For more information, see Page 2, Post 20.

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Page 1, Post 09


Non-officer ranks are awarded to active members for reaching required point totals, and in some cases, based on merit. All promotions are subject to Council approval.


General/Elite Veteran (gold star):
This rank is the highest achievable rank for non-officer members. These members have shown tremendous dedication, support and participation in and to the clan. They are considered role-models and have earned 240 points or more.

Captain/Distinguished Veteran (silver star):
These members have shown a high level of dedication, support and participation in and to the clan. They have earned 110 points or more.

Lieutenant/Honorary Veteran (bronze star):
This is the first available rank considered prestigious. These members have been very active in the clan. This is also the minimum rank needed to invite new members into the clan. These members have earned 60 points or more.

Sergeant (three stripes):
These members have now shown a respectable amount of activity within the clan. They have earned 30 points or more. Also, this is the minimum rank required to apply for most officer positions.

Corporal (two stripes):
These members are beginning to establish themselves within the clan. They have earned 16 points and have also earned the privilege of being able to host events.

Recruit (one stripe):
The entry-level rank of all members. They are not yet allowed to host events or fulfill major responsibilities for the clan.

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Outcast ToC

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Page 1, Post 10


Department of Citadel and Ava Wardens:
Manage the Citadel by ensuring correct resource goals are developed, met and maintained. Ava Wardens are required to cap weekly. For more on Ava Wardens, see Post 20 on Page 2.

Department of Events:
Responsible for all clan events. Manager is tasked with planning official events, deputies are tasked with hosting and posting attendance for those events. Knowledge of Mini-games, Skills and Bossing are recommended. Department members must host, or designate a representative to host an event on their behalf, at least once per week.

Department of Forums:
Maintains the forum thread ensuring an up-to-date information source for the members to enjoy. The manager and deputy create and update the thread as needed. A solid vocabulary and knowledge of grammar, spelling, and the forums in general are required for this department.

Department of Recruitment:
The leader of this department and deputies work to bring new members into the clan. They review the forums for players looking for a clan, invite members in-game and assist non-department members with recruiting. They also plant the clan Vexillum at high traffic locations. The membership application is located on Page 2, Post 11.

Department of Warring/Pking/PVP:
The members of this department handle all things PvP. Their job is to plan Wars and PK'ing Trips, and train the clan members for PvP situations. High combat and PvP Experience ARE A MUST. For more on Warring, see Post 18 on Page 2

Want to apply for an officer rank or department head? Please review Post 14 on Page 2 for open positions. If a spot is available and you are interested, please fill out the Promotion Application on Page 2, Post 12. You will be interviewed and a decision made shortly

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