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In-Game Name:NuoriAutisti
Total level:2293(can already make ovls) still working on summoning and invention
Your time zone:utc+3/finland
Current goal in the game:Learning more pvm content
Events that you'd be interested in:Vorago nex raids
Playing style (skiller, combatant, social or mixed):combatant
Your expectations of Ultimatums as a clan:clan to find new people to pvm with and chat
Have you read our rules and goal and do you understand them?yes
*If someone told you about our clan, enter their name here:

21-Sep-2019 19:07:19

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Hey NuoriAutisti!

We are happy that you're interested to be a part of Ultimatums!
Your application has been

Please join the clan chat channel as a guest and ask for invite, or PM any of the leading members that are currently online.

You can also join our Discord server using this link:

22-Sep-2019 16:53:08

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