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¸•°ˆ°•,¸.. Warm¸•°ˆ°•,¸..

Warm is a social clan with PVM/Communal aspects, Founded by Gentle & Artistic.

Welcome to the official forum page of Warm.

We are an active clan that was set up in September 2017 with an aim to create a fun and engaging community. We have Tier 5 Citadel.

Join us on discord!

main aim
is to make your journey through
as fun as possible and to
help you out
along the way.

2000+ total level
entry requirement.
• Capping is
not mandatory
; but is
• You're
welcome to join us
at our events but it's also
not mandatory.

• Our
is 68 but again, being on this world is
not mandatory.

host PvM events
which are available to
any levels
, if it's your first time we will
you learn how to
fight bosses
the mechanics.

We welcome everyone
to guest in our clan for as long as they like, get to know our
current members
or even hang out at
our events
! If you require an
to our clan send a pm to anyone that is online at that moment and
they will come and recruit you!

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¸•°ˆ°•,¸..Clan Rules¸•°ˆ°•,¸..

Follow Jagex Community/Game rules.

Do not discriminate against other people, due to their race, age, gender etc.

Keep the chat to English only.

No spamming of any kind with be tolerated.

No begging for money or items in the clan chat.

Money/item lending:
If you lend out items to fellow members of the clan you are doing this at
your own risk
and you must be willing to accept that you cannot trust everyone.

If you happen to have been a subject of any
suspicious activity
- contact a
key rank

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¸•°ˆ°•,¸..Our Members¸•°ˆ°•,¸..

• Owner/Founder:

Hi, I'm Gentle one of the founders of Warm, I've been playing Runescape on/off since 2007, I'm very PvM Oriented I love end-game PvM such as Vorago, Nex, AoD, KK, Giant mole;). If i'm not bossing I spend most of my time AFK'ing so I'm always around for a chat. I love to teach people bosses and methods of training, Hey we were all newbs once right?, Hope to see you all in-game soon

- Gentle

•Co Owner/Founder
Hi, I'm Artistic!:P
I'm not really, I'm actually pretty bad at any kind of art so don't be mislead!
I've been playing Runescape on and off since 2007. I remember the days of dancing for gp and flash2: dancing for bf.
I was just a pup back then but I can't really say I've changed much. I finally maxed this year, 10 years later than I should have! I love bossing and I'm always down for PvM if you need someone to go with! I hope you all come to check out our clan.
I promise we dont bite

- Artistic/Shannon

•Co Owner
Hey! I'm lLexi :)
I am totally clue crazy! I love clues!
I've been playing Runescape since 2016,
You'll either catch me clueing or some kinda pvm with the clan.
Since joining Warm, I've found a whole new world of crazy, but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else!
Hope to see you all guesting in our clan chat soon, and hopefully even join



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¸•°ˆ°•,¸.. Official Warm Ranking System¸•°ˆ°•,¸..

Below you will find different ways to earn yourself a rank in the clan.

When you join you will start off as a Recruit rank.
Once you join our discord server (can be found on the first post of this thread or from any admin in the clan) you will get a promotion to Sergeant.

To rank up from Sergeant you need to comply with the systems we use:

We use a system of "Loyal Members" which means, the longer you're in the clan - the higher the rank! We like to reward loyal members who stick with us and help us to grow as a community.

As well as the loyalty programme we use a system of "Clan XP"

Every promotion has a set amount of Clan XP needed to achieve the rank ranging from Sergeant to General. Ranks will be given upon hitting the XP target. Ranks above General will be down to Staff discretion & will NOT use the XP system.

We understand that not everyone in Runescape likes to gain xp and sometimes is just a social player (which is allowed ofcourse!) so you can use either system above to earn your rank! Or use a mixture of both and rank up even faster!

We also promote people if;
• We see you being helpful to other clan members.
• Recruting new members.
• Capping (evidence has to be posted to Discord as we can't keep track of every member)
• Hosting/Attending events set in the clan.
• You bump the forum continuously.
• Being active on our Discord server.

Additionally ranks will be given out to members of the clan who are proving helpful to the game and other players in the clan. If we see you are making a huge effort and great interest in the clan we will consider ranking you up.

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Weekly Wonders!

This is an weekly event where clan members go bossing, slaying or clue hunting in the search for a specific item.

If you are lucky enough to find the item I am looking for, take a picture of the broadcast and with the specific phrase for that week to win!

First one to post a screenshot in #events will be the winner.

Previous weeks: Item : Prize : Winner

Week 1, Virtus boots, 15m, No winners
Week 2, Saradomin Hilt, 20m, Radicalism
Week 3, Araxxi's Eye, 15m, TheWrongName/TheToxicName
Week 4, Any animal staff, 15m, No winners
Week 5, Any Skilling pet, 20m, RuneWasp03
Week 6, Any ED2 Codex, 15m, ImSanityBtw
Week 7, Any Boss pet, 15m, Foosh
Week 8, Any Mask, 15m, No winners
Week 9, Seismic Wand, 20m, No winners
Week 10, Armadyl Hilt, 25m, Kat
Week 11, Any GW2 Crest, 15m, Imp
Week 12, Any Drygore weapon, 15m, Gentle

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