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- Fatality
Home World
- 369
- Yes
Teamspeak & Discord
- We have both

Our discord link is open to everyone, feel free to join the discord and get to know our community here:


Youtube channel


1-5 Defence
80 Strength / Range & 82 Magic with DT completed

Founded on May 9th 2006,
is one of the oldest pure clans in Runescape. Fatality has become more than a Runescape community, we have evolved into a family. We have won the
Pure Clan Jcup
and many other important tournaments. We pride ourselves on having the greatest community in Runescape. Over time racking up losses and wins against every other top clan in existence defeating such names as Mayhem Makers and Final Ownage Elite. Fatality is one of the oldest and most prestigious pure clans to ever exist. For over
years we have managed to adapt to Jagex's game changes & still stay at the top of the pure warring community. However when the Evolution of Combat was released, pure accounts were deemed useless & Fatality shut its doors for the first time. When oldschool came back
came back with it and been going strong for 4 years on oldschool alone aswell.

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What can we offer you?

Fatality is built by a classic style of leadership. Over 8 years old with the foundation of ethics, maturity, and hard work. The pure clan with the largest leadership team to provide the best experience for our members, size does matter. Fatality lives off being the Elite, playing fair, and constant thirst for improvement.

Every weekend we set out with the most Elite group of individuals in Runescape. Praised for our organization winning numerous titles in best matched, we live up to our opponents expectations as "most feared" every weekend. Never a dull weekend goes by with the most active and dedicated collective of members in the game.

Fatality keeps it clean abstaining from DDoSing, hacking, or otherwise undesirable internet behavior. We believe Runescape is meant to stay on Runescape. All retaliation is handled on Runescape, making us the most fun clan to be apart of. While other clans rather hunt down IPs and crack forums, we give our members the opportunity the extract revenge the old fashion way. We hunt clans. We crack skulls.

Our key to success over the years may actually lie in our failure. Being open for more than 8 years has given us many chances to make mistakes and learn from them. As one of our previous Leaders has said, "never a failure always a lesson." We take everything for what it is and seek to improve on it. This is the Fatality way.

Fatality Cinema

Take a moment to preview our Youtube Channel,
It will show you what you could be a part of.
We keep updating the channel with new videos weekly.

Some of our important fights we had through the years

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Current Leadership

[ - Founder - ]

Charles ( 3 Hit u Pure )
James ( Beezlebub Pk )

[ - Leader - ]


[ - High Council - ]

X god rage X

[ - Warlord - ]


[ - Council - ]


Interested in joining?

It can be intimidating to be on the outside looking in. With more than 40+ 88 maxed Pures it may seem like there's no place for someone who does not have such stats. However, our requirements may be surprisingly low. With only an 80+ Range OR Strength and 82+ Magic you too can apply to join the Elite.

These stats may seem low, but they are with a great purpose. After all we all started somewhere and would love to be a part of your development and journey through this game. We always maintain an encouraging atmosphere when it comes to training. We push our members exceptionally hard to train their accounts and the results speak for themselves. You might be surprised just how far you can go with your own account.

We will teach you the ins and outs of Pure combat. You will become one of the most feared warriors in the game. With great power comes great responsibility. We expect nothing, but the best from all of our members. Inside and outside of Runescape.

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