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dr roxo70

dr roxo70

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So yeah was watching someone else die i died not paying attention. good news is it was rather fresh. however i wanna make a new one, must i make a whole new account or can i like delete that one and start over? its time consuming making new account and emails for those. remembering is even more difficult

04-Aug-2019 22:44:22

Asahel Frost
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Asahel Frost

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If you have a gmail email account, you already have loads of email addresses available.

Gmail ignores dots, and plus signs and everything that follows on the left-hand side of an email address.

All these email addresses will go to the same gmail account:
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04-Aug-2019 22:59:28

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Dang sorry to hear that! Luckily it was still a fairly fresh account so you didn't lose that many hours.

Unfortunately though you will have to make a new account if you want to try hardcore again and you'll need use an entirely different e-mail. The e-mail address you use is directly tied to your login so you're not able to use it for multiple accounts.

However, it is possible to switch your preferred contact e-mail back to your original after you create the account. This of course wouldn't change your login e-mail, you'd still have to use the new one, but it would change where you get any game related e-mails from Jagex and that can be useful if your original e-mail is one you use on a regular basis.

Edit: Looks like Asahel's solution will be the easiest option for you, that way you won't have to create a new e-mail. Your login will still be different, but it'll save you a step and you won't have to manage two e-mail accounts.

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Thunder Jinx
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Thunder Jinx

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Light Gaia said:
Now we have to make emails for each new acc

No you don't.
You can make an account using any email address in the world, you don't need access to it, it doesn't even need to exist. Infact when I made my hardcore ironman account I had to recover it because I typed my email wrong when I created it. Just make sure in your account settings you put your main email address as contact address.
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05-Aug-2019 06:01:01

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