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I made a post yesterday but it’s gone...I would like an answer as to if there is any new criteria to become one? I used to be one and I think I lost my status due to not being online as much. I miss representing a game I love and keeping it a good place! Sorry if this is not the correct place to post about this I wasn’t sure where else. I love to help others and report when something is up! Be the best version of yourself.

05-Aug-2019 08:03:29

Skod River
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Skod River

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Hey Khristoffer.

Have you looked into this QFC : 254-255-597-66019301 ?

Or read this article on RS Wiki :

This is what we all know.
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05-Aug-2019 08:17:36

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Your thread was removed as any ex P-Mod will know not to make threads within the forums.

See the above help and advice Skod River posted.

I've locked this as it's best not to make these type of threads. They attract flaming and spam and it does not help.

Best advice I could give is just play the game and enjoy it. If you see something worthy of a report then report it.
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05-Aug-2019 10:15:42

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