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blue jewel 9
Mar Member 2019

blue jewel 9

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HI I am a returning player from long ago. And the one thing that my character had was a black pointy hat, the black wizard hat. Now, previously, this hat was a black pointy hat. However now it is no longer a pointy hat and I would like a pointy witch-like hat (same shape as the blue wizard hat, but black). The important part is that it is pointed and black.

So does anyone know if there are any black pointy hats about in this new Runescape?

Thank you.

01-Feb-2019 03:12:45

fmod Gold Premier Club Member


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I also miss the old style of the black wizard's hat. I used to use it as a witches hat for Halloween.

The closest thing to it that I've been able to find is the revolutionary hat

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01-Feb-2019 03:26:27

May Gold Premier Club Member 2018


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Mega Duck said:
What about the Dragon'hai hat? That's still pointy. :)
That's definitely the only one I can think of that closely resembles older hats. It's still not great, mind you. It's not even that dark.

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