Task arrow bug/glitch

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Ever since the pof update i have had a task arrow showing up on mini map when NO TASK is pinned. This appears each time i teleport or log in. It is becoming quite annoying to have to randomly pin a task then un pin to remove it... the glitch/bugged one is always for the burthorpe lode stone then switches once there to the mind ruin in lumbridge then back to burthorpe. This needs to be fixed fast.
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15-Feb-2019 23:46:48

Hortic Gre

Hortic Gre

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I've had the opposite happen. the other day I was doing those area achievements and pinning a task showed me a line to the objective. then it simply stopped. I can pin a task, but it just shows me the list and doesn't show a path marker or anything.

16-Feb-2019 00:44:20

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