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Trustifarian said:
How hard is it to add symbols to passwords at this point? Would make make me feel much more secure. With a recent data breach of over 773 million emails...

Data breaches happen all the time, therefore it's recommended to change your passwords every once in a while.
Make sure you have 2-step verification on your emails.
I do agree that Jagex should at least make our passwords case sensitive, but if we end up making our passwords too complex with symbols, a lot of people will end up forgetting it, customer support will be getting swamped with recovery requests and this only effects those who are targeted by brute force, which is very rare, if it even happens at all for Runescape. If someone does try a brute force attack on you and you have Authenticator active, they aren't going to get far.

Complex passwords wont help victims of Phishing, Remote access, Keylogging or Dox'ing in any way what so ever, which are the most common ways people fall victim to hijackers.

If you want to make the best of what we already have, choose a completely random word/words, with numbers, the more random the better, if the word isn't even in a dictionary, even better!

Lastly, you shouldn't use the same password for more than one website, so write them down IRL if you have too many and store them in a safe place.

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