Help me w/ pking pl0x

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Anyway to cut to the chase, I need some advice for Rs3 pking. I am basically wondering how you can use keybinds to you advantage/ how to quickly put on other armour whilst in combat. any help is great appreciate :) Also, I'm wondering if Gravite drops in wildy? and if so, why would anyone ever bring two gravite weapons in wildy? smh

17-Feb-2019 01:58:17

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To be honest, the best advice anyone can give you these days is "Don't bother".

Somewhat less flippantly, don't go changing your armour in combat. That's sort of out of vogue these days, and has been since EOC; it just takes inventory space and increases your risk. The meta might be different in non-member, I guess, but I never saw that outside of a weapon swap now and then for a spec back when I used to be bothered with PvP.

If Gravite follows the same general rule as for other dungeoneering items, it'll drop as a coin pile. I'd suggest there's no point bringing multiple gravite weapons, unless you're swapping styles, which I've already said isn't something I'd see as a good thing.

As for keybinds, if you're going to do PvP, use full manual and learn to do it properly. At that point, everything is a key bind. Finally, practice with friends in a safe environment such as white portal, until you're comfortable with it.

17-Feb-2019 11:41:53

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