Phishing Scams, Need to Know!

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I would just like to state that there are two scams happening right now that the community needs to be aware of. Jagex really needs to state this on their website to prevent players for falling for them.

The first one is a Facebook scam. A Suggested Post will be recommended to your timeline where it states "We are opening Runescape Mobile for another 25,000 members. Sign up today to land your spot!" Clicking the link looks absolutely genuine especially the html link which says secure. It asks for you to log in, then asks for your bank pin for the game. Runescape NEVER requires a bank pin for any logins. That right there should tell you to back away. The third prompt is to enter in your authentication passkey. Again, the only time that is ever asked is before logging into the physical game. If you enter in a passkey, it auotmatically says "Oops! Something went wrong!" Because the hijackers can't take an ever changing authentic passkey account.

The second scam is with your email. You will get an email every other day stating "Your friend has started playing runescape!" Suggesting you sent a link to someones email as a friend referal. I for one, have never sent a friend referal to anyone so this is automatic scam. After a few days another email is send saying your friend has bought membership and you get rewards then to click on the link in the email to accept the rewards. I haven't clicked the link to see the login process because I know I have never sent any referals.

Jagex needs to get this forum thread so it can be announed to avoid these scams.

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Mega Duck
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There is a sticky in this sub forum, that mentions everything you have just posted.

Email & Social Media Safety

Phishing isn't new and has been around for a very long time, many people on the forums already know about these kinds of scams, since people post about them every day.

The best thing to do is to educate yourself, so you don't fall victim to hijacking.

Phishing websites and suspicious emails

Fake Websites

Comprehensive Account Security

Make sure you have RuneScape Authenticator and 2-Step on your email.

Jagex can only do so much to prevent this, but we do have customer support weeks, which help people make the best of their account security and boost their awareness.

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