Bone Blowpipe Bug?

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Dawn Redwood
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Dawn Redwood

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I have used both upgraded and augmented upgraded. I have noticed that it does not benifit from arrows like it states.

Items tested.
Blackstone arrows
Dragonbane bolts
Dragonbane arrows
abyssal bane arrows
abyssal bane bolts.

Am I missing something?

15-Jul-2019 16:42:58

Mini JIT
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Mini JIT

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Blowpipe is a strange 1 because its really a thrown weapon so not sure if bolts/arrows would count. Maybe add the option to tip death lotus darts but that sounds costly for a bit of poison damage. Maybe a better option is to make new bane darts that only work with the blowpipe?

16-Jul-2019 14:47:53

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