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Any with same problem, missing compacted material after upgrade to Player Lounge Tier1 ?
I have done two full Seren necklace porter (1000 light animica) and NO show of any material. When doing agi course then roughly two for every 3 laps.
Player lounge should even provide faster between getting them.

Would be lovely not to approach the clerk to get info of how much material workers have produced, so you could tele there to change what they should do. No quick chat option either.
In Arc/poh you get notification in-game about your ships.

15-Jul-2019 21:16:12

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Do you mean the increase in compacted materials when you upgrade your player lodge?

Yes it does seem broken(surprise surprise) or most likely it's probably intentional, either way whatever the increase was upped by was clearly the minimum as in .000001%. Im literally going 3-4 hours without any drops and im upgraded too.
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15-Jul-2019 22:39:05

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