Seren stone massively Nerf!!!

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It seem like seren stone receive a huge Nerf with the mining and smithing update I use to get over 225k an hour at seren stone fully afk now I am only getting like 175k this is a major Nerf on fully afk mining. So now there is no good fully afk spot because the highest tier rock fully afk only yeild like 135k an hour. I feel like this is unfair because Jagex devs promise that they will make exp rates the same after the rework. Please fix seren stone so I can go back to my favorite afk spot.

10-Jan-2019 04:10:18

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Seren stones basically are for afk training (like the LFM for 60s/70s) - and for that the best activity ingame for now - if you plan on doing something actively you should switch to animica (more profitable) or alaea crabs (more raw xp) Improvements: Tooltip / (F2P) QoL v2
Quick Fixes: Invention

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