So, about onyxes..

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Isharial said:

those d hatchet and pickaxe's are also quest locked, so can understand why in a sense.

that said, they have other variants they can get hold of now because of the smithing rework.
as to the dragon/crystal hatchet, i agree, there is a problem there, but without reworking woodcutting too, itll have to wait.

mostly those items have been in the game so long, most either already have one or just don't bother to voice their concerns any more on such subject.

Nex is Life said:

Your AFK, 0 risk, 0 input moneymaker was nerfed and the only bad thing about that is that it didn't get nerfed sooner.

as far as im aware, it takes 0 risk 0 input to camp at a lot of monster locations, so how is that any different?
many of these locations even make twice or more than that of prif onyx, so how is that acceptable but prif rocks were not?

if anything id have made some extra onyx items like the lower gems, perhaps ones that ate onyx for an xp drop or some other purpose. that way keeping the value for drop as well as not removing a skilling location

It has nothing to do with gp/hr. Gem rocks were nerfed because there were too many coming into the game. If abyssal demons dropped onyx's then those should be removed from the droptable. Right now the easiest pvm way to get onyx is from onyx and dragonstone dragons from ed2 which don't appear all the time there. You can still obtain common gems up to dragonstones from gem rocks but not onyx's. This update for ring of death provides a good item sink for onyx's. You can still get onyx and the dust from meta geodes.

02-Apr-2019 15:15:55

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