Bots at event

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Dilbert2001 said:
Mr Cow579 said:
Dilbert2001 said:
Really not many or none as I checked, as there is only an extra reward of 10% xp playing at the Lumbridge Crater.

Killing goblins and rats at Lumbridge and autspamming around GE can be easily botted too but do you see any such bots in RS3? The answer is definitely not, because RS3 is not like those cheap asian MMORPG clones 10-15 years ago and Jagex doesn't allow RS3 to bot like a cheap asian MMORPG clone. :)

oh boy are you wrong. about half of the logged in accounts, are bots.

LOL! I am here joining the Pet Parade now. I just clicked the NPC to start and then AFK. Am I botting and why do I need to bot? :D:D:D

People being AFK is leagues different than people botting. Like I said, I don't think OP understands how bots work.

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