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Teutotes said:
To Blackwing: It was years back when you were not even named Blackwing. Maybe you don't remember but i have a very good memory. And i can assure you, you were not critical at all then, vice versa, you liked to brag how much you gained from DXP weekends. As i remember you did mostly construction back then.

One time you even suggested a guy not to go to the friend's birthday on DXP. Because DXP was much more important in your eyes than real life friend. You said something like this, not exact quote but just from memory: "If he's really your friend, he will understand". Does it ring the bell? :P

Don't get me wrong, I totally agree with you about powercreep and all that. But it's already too late for this game. Removing your XP from all DXP weekends does nothing. The game is still same. It would need a total restart but i and you both know it's not going to happen.

I started using the forums in early 2015 and he didn't like treasure hunter back then.

23-Feb-2019 16:01:49



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Dilbert2001 said:
DXP weekends don't mean "all" or if any skills will go to level 120 in the future.

There have always been events people can't attend due to real life obligations too. If you can't make it, too bad, This is only a game after all. There have been events with exclusive and even tradeable and discontinued rares drop too. I missed a few of them and did get some of those exclusive items too. However, you can't demand a company not to run any service open to hundreds of millions of consumers/visitors just because you can't be benefited by that service.

Perhaps it is even a good idea for Jagex to run more DXP weekends, so more players can be benefited, including the ones who may not be able to do DXP this weekend. :D

We already got 3 dxp weekends a year I don't think we need more. We should get half xp weekends instead.

23-Feb-2019 23:59:05

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