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PrblyMyFault said:
I'm very disappointed that the Body Snatchers took the mods out of my bank and my farm. The mods at the farm didn't even manage to breed. For shame, for shame.

Maybe that was for the better...
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02-Apr-2019 07:42:10

Draco Burnz
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Rikornak said:
It isn't like april fool's events haven't ended at the end of april 1st for the last 10 years or so? At least when it comes to game content.

I know it sucks to have stuff available for just a very short time span, but this was predictable.

Dilbert2001 said:
I don't think Jagex said The Fool is just a "one time title".

It doesn't mean they can't give out this title again next April Fool with a different event, or put it in SGS. There can be many ways Jagex can give out event items if they want to. For instance, people can still obtain the Valentine Titles after the Valentine Event that offered them.

Considering Jas Hands and the terror bird mount also never were re-continued - likely not. Possibly, just not very likely.


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02-Apr-2019 11:10:43

Sir Gassity
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It was the odd stacks of JMods in my bank that kept me from checking them right away. I figured I had to kill various humans to find all 25 individual types...but the event closed and my collected JMod supply disappeared. Oh well.

02-Apr-2019 12:16:49

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