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i didnt find one either. wasted a bit of time figuring it out and wasted a lot more time trying to perfect it (which after 2 hour i still cant do it successfully)

I seriously doubt its worth the effort though for either fun or exp so inb4deadcontent

08-Jul-2019 17:45:10

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none that I am aware of. clunky game play and frustrating mechanics make it seem like it wont be worthwhile.

from what I have gathered you have to do

<> place bait to start event

<> gather resources, you need logs and vines to make
spears (use on frogs)

you need to identify the correct poison (frog) to use and just make those spears after doing so. load the weapon to fire the spears to do damage

Avoid the circle around the monster, in it too long and you "die" (round over, have to start again, lose nothing).

fail to many times get locked out of the content for an hour.
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08-Jul-2019 18:16:40

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It's definitely clunky, and being kicked out for an hour is rough when you're just trying to learn how to do it. I think they should ditch the lock out (I want to play the game, not not play the game) and make the circle smaller or something bc as is it's mostly a pain

08-Jul-2019 19:34:30

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Just tried this and so far I don't like it. If we could keep the supplies when we leave it would help. :(:@:(
edit to add: the island itself is interesting but the map should get more detail once you've been to an area

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What the literal fuck? Did they even fucking play-test this fucking garbage? JESUS CHRIST JAGEX! An hour long wait to do it again? Thatís complete horse shit!

Sorry about the rant, now on to more constructive feedback. I like the concept, I really do, but it needs some MASSIVE changes. Itís like the boss equivalent of hunter. A players have been begging for a skilling boss.

1. Make the beastís radius smaller or make the area bigger. Preferably both. Often the radius was too large and there was literally nowhere to hide (in the smaller areas) or you couldnít surge far enough out of range. The mechanics pretty much make it so you 100% have to have mutated surge. It was crazy hard even with my mobile perk. Ever better would be if there were like 2 or 3 rocks that you could stand behind to hide from view. Ones like the Bagrada Rex were alright but the ones like the Scimitops were aids.

2. Reduce the cooldown. A lot. Like 15 minutes tops. Or perhaps you could sacrifice like 10 of the bait to remove the cooldown entirely. I get it, itís an attempt to make the hunter creatureís resources retain their values but this is just ridiculous. Perhaps, let the hunter dude act as the equivalent of a slayer master but for hunter and on your assigned task there is a greater % chance of rare or unique drop.

3. Tbh, there are just too many things to hold in your inventory. Spears, Logs, vines, poisoned spears, bait, etc. more of these should stack. It takes too long to get the resources, set the traps, etc. but of course that would be resolved by my first suggestion to a great extent.

4. If they are going to remain this difficult, they need way better rewards. Itís boss level difficulty, it needs boss level rewards.

In conclusion the new hunter bosses are fucking sick! I had a lot of fun doing them and hope to see them expand on this in the future. But please, please for the love of god makes me adjustments!
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08-Jul-2019 22:11:11

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If this is jagex idea of a skilling boss, id rather they didn't bother. royal society magazine

We would agree that regardless of the profitability of the loot box trade, the risks associated with them are worryingly high

08-Jul-2019 22:14:58

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