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Oranje Duif said:
Chee said:
Mod Shauny said:
We've now stopped the Base Camp's Tier 2/3 General Store selling Big Game Hunter bait in an attempt to stablise the price and make Tier 1 Bait retain its value. When we first added these in development (back in March!) we didn't expect the price to be as high as it was.

could you maybe not nerf things that don't need nerfin*? that'd be great, thanks

Or add item-Id's to make it a unique item and add it to bait-box so it can't be traded on ge.

Or any work-around instead of just a hard-nerf for "Item prices sake"

Oh? wait jagex is allowed to price manipulate and call it a "game" fix? wow that's cool.

Yeh i said it on the patchnote thread.

There could have been 2 easy fixes - a daily reset - lower amount of meats or give it it's own name/id
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15-Jul-2019 11:32:04

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